Chairman's Message

I feel greatly honored to have been elected by the Council Members as this year’s Chairman of the Association of Consulting Engineers Hong Kong (ACEHK) for the 2021/2022 session.

This year we will continue to promote Engineering Excellence, Innovation, and Creativity by showcasing truly excellent engineering projects through our Annual Awards Event. Throughout the past two years, the pandemic triggered many restrictions to our work environment throughout all sectors of engineering, but I am confident that we will upkeep our efforts to re-condition and adapt to an ever-changing future.

We will furthermore direct major efforts in the sustainability of our industry. From an environmental sustainability perspective, we will liaise closely with the HKSAR Government and bolster efforts in implementing Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+, in particular achieving decarbonization targets to ultimately reach carbon neutrality by 2050. From an industry sustainability perspective, we will continue to liaise with fellow professionals in the industry, in particular young professionals, to better understand the changing work force dynamics in our industry, and to better prepare ourselves for the next wave of Hong Kong’s development.

I look forward to your support in our endeavors.

Stephen MAK
Chairman (2021-2022)