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Mentorship Programme




This mentorship programme host by ACEHK is a year-long programme designed for passionate engineers to widen your network and broaden your skills. We will pair up mentors and mentees to provide you the opportunity to receive career advice and guidance from experienced engineers, and connect you through our monthly workshops, social events.

Our programme offers soft skills workshops and business-related trainings in addition to your day-to-day-on-the-job training, as well as a networking platform amongst the current leaders and future leaders of the industry.


We are looking for young engineers (up to 35 years old) who are eager to learn new skills, seek professional advice and forge new relationships within the engineering industry to join as mentees! As a mentee, you are expected to participate in our mandatory workshops and events; and reach out to your mentor for one-on-one catch up on a quarterly basis.

Event schedule



May 2022

Meet and greet session

June 2022*

Self-arranged mentoring session

July 2022

Skills workshop

August 2022

Social event

September 2022*

Self-arranged mentoring session

October 2022

Skills workshop

November 2022

Self-arranged mentoring session

December 2022

Skills workshop and wrap up social event

*Timeline of self-arranged mentoring session are suggestive only; mentee should initiate meeting with mentor on a quarterly basis.


[Application has been closed on 15 April 2022. Thank you for your overwhelming interest. Successful applicants will received further information of the programme and the first event in May.]

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Should you have any queries, please leave your message at Acehk.ymc@gmail.com.