About Us

The Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong (ACEHK) is a non profit making association representing the consulting engineering profession in Hong Kong. As an industry group, the Association seeks to set and maintain standards of professional conduct and ethics of consulting engineers, promote the advancement of the profession of consulting engineering and uphold the professional interests, rights, powers and privileges of consulting engineers. ACEHK places high importance on the business interests of its members and assist authorities, developers, bankers, funding agencies and others requiring engineering services to select consulting engineers. The Association is a member association of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

ACEHK is directed by a Council of elected representatives of its members, no member being allowed more than one representative at any time. The Council elects its Chairman, Vice Chairman and Officers, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer, each year and normally meets monthly.

ACEHK represents the industry on various external committees, principally the Government Works Bureaux and Works Departments, such as, Development Bureau, Housing Authority, Architectural Services Department, Buildings Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Highways Department.

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ACEHK Annual Awards 2024


ACEHK Safety Forum 2024 - Safety Resilience: Adapting, Innovating, and Thriving in the Face of Challenges


February 2024