About ACEHK Award

ACEHK Annual Awards 2024

To promote awareness and enhance presence of the engineering industry

To showcase and give due recognition to truly excellent projects.

To share and highlight practices and management that made projects successful


All companies/departments/authorities within Hong Kong are eligible for entry. They should submit an illustrated report documenting one of their engineering related projects (including any study or research) to the assessment panel of the ACEHK Annual Awards. All related works or tasks should have been substantially completed in order to be considered as valid entries.

Rules of Entry

a) Submissions will only be accepted from 20 March 2024 to 2 August 2024 inclusive, no early or late entries will be accepted.

b) The submission document shall also strictly adhere to the following, failure to comply shall result in disqualification:

   - Document Format: Submissions shall be made in PDF format. No hardcopy submissions will be accepted.
   - Text Restriction: Submissions are not to exceed 2,000 words or 6 A4-sized pages; the font used shall be font size of 12 in “Times New Roman” font type.
   - Graphic Restriction: Graphics, including but not limited to CAD drawings and pictures, shall not exceed 10 A3-sized pages.

c) Submissions should be made to the assessment panel of ACEHK Annual Awards by e-mail to annualawards@acehk.org.hk, an Entry ID will be provided in return, and shall act as confirmation of successful entry. No hard copy submissions will be accepted.

d) Participants are allowed to submit more than one entry, given that each entry is based on a different project/contract.

e) More than one submission for the same project/contract by the same participant may result in disqualification.

f) Judges reserve the right to reject any entry that does not comply with the rules.

g) Judges’ decision will be final.

Key Dates and Deadlines

20 March 2024  - Entries Open
2 August 2024  - Entries Close

The ACEHK Annual Awards Ceremony will take place at ACEHK Annual Dinner 2024.

For more details regarding the submission process and rules of entry, please refer to the ACEHK Annual Awards Entry Guide.


Should you have a query, please contact the ACEHK Annual Award Organizing Committee:
Email: annualawards@acehk.org.hk