I feel greatly honored to have been elected by the Council Members as this year’s Chairman of the Association of Consulting Engineers Hong Kong (ACEHK). 

This year we have set in motion 4 initiatives to supplement ACEHK’s growth as an association. These include Networking Lunches / Evening Drink Gatherings, ACEHK Annual Awards, Annual Seminars and Young Members Presentations. The first three initiatives are a means to strengthen links across the engineering industry, and the fourth initiative is dedicated to create opportunities for our next generation of consulting engineers.

By dedicating ourselves to good professional conduct and ethics, ACEHK will maintain its efforts in campaigning for the betterment of the engineering industry. As such, we will continue to make a firm stand against filibustering at the Legislative Council. To grasp the opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative, ACEHK will continue to focus on strengthening relationships with HKTDC, the Liaison Office of Central People’s Government, and the Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office.

We, as consulting engineers, have to hold paramount our innovation and creativity to aid our fellow professionals and stakeholders in the industry to overcome challenges sustainably and efficiently. We shall continue to advocate our vision of “Hong Kong is our home” by maintaining a high standard for ourselves, and thereby empowering others in the industry. 

By accepting the 4 initiatives as our axioms, and by steadying our efforts thus far, we are ever more synchronized with our visions. I am confident we will continue to strive as we have for the past 40 years. 


Francis Kung